Old Times

The history of our house is dated to the early 20th century. The founder of the hotel and pubs was Čeněk Raspberry.

Since 1942 the hotel leads his wife, who married a second time and renamed the restaurant at the hotel Dvoracek. Under this name already familiar with county pub regulars.

Since 1945, went pub nationalization and was registered at Unity - known as a restaurant Bečvan. Gradually, as time went on some tenants, managers and the good reputation the pub going slowly. In 2007 we bought the whole building and the pictures you can see the gradual revitalization. The co-NUTS II Central Moravia during the two years we have renovated the restaurant into the state. The way it was long and the picture you can see the condition of the building was.

Why the old times?

We wanted to combine a new architectural style with antique elements and how we did it come to judge :-).
Our goal is that you will feel 'at home' - every guest is our pleasure.

We look forward to see you!