Wellness Studio

We can use the wellness spa Shanti studio in our house Old Times

We provide an exclusive massage for our guests

Enjoy a unique opportunity to combine relaxation with a massage - Pamper yourself :-)

Massage Price
Classical massage 30min 250,-Kč
Classical massage 60min 500,-Kč
Relaxation Massage 60min 550,-Kč
Oil stone massage 90min 800,-Kč
Thai oil massage 60min 600,-Kč
Chocolate Massage 30min 350,-Kč
Chocolate Massage 60min 700,-Kč
Hot stone massage 30min 300,-Kč
Hot stone massage 60min 600,-Kč
Honey Detoxication Massage 45min 400,-Kč
Anti-cellulite slimming massage, legs, belly 45min 400,-Kč
Ayurveda Price
Ayurvedic Abhyanga Full Body Massage-60min base 600,-Kč
Garshan-Ayurvedic highly detoxifying and slimming 60min 600,-Kč
Arosha slimming wrap bandages 45min 450,-Kč
Wraps Price
Full body salt scrub 45min 450,-Kč
Wrap with Dead Sea mud and massage 45min 450,-Kč
Massage and wrap to support fat-burning legs 60min 600,-Kč
Heat wrap 60min 300,-Kč
Prokrvující wrap from the Dead Sea 60min 300,-Kč
Paraffin wrap for hands 20min 100,-Kč
Lymphatic drainage instrument 60min 300,-Kč

Massage must be booked in advance. In the guest house reception for 100,-CZK resident can borrow to buy a bathrobe and slippers.